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Irish National Employer Survey

The National Employer Survey for 2018 provides valuable information on employer activities and views on the subject of recruitment from the higher education (HE)solas

and further education and training (FET) sectors.

The survey was conducted by means of a CATI telephone survey of a representative sample of 760 employers in Ireland (completed responses), with fieldwork conducted from June-July 2018.

It looked at:
• employers’ recruitment activities in the past 24 months (including their recruitment of HE and FET graduates);
• barriers to graduate recruitment;
• levels of satisfaction with HE and FET graduates;
• emerging skills needs;
• levels of collaboration with HE/FET institutions;
• support for continuing professional development.

For the purposes of the survey, a graduate was defined as someone who has been recruited within the past 24 months and who has also completed their HE or FET qualification within the past 24 months. The key findings of the survey show recruitment of both HE and FET graduates across a range of disciplines, with the most commonly cited recruitment areas, for example, including business and law, computing, engineering, services, health and welfare, and humanities and arts. Satisfaction levels with both HE and FET graduates are also very high, and this is
generally consistent across a range of different workplace and personal attributes.

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