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Irish Conference on Game-Based Learning

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Irish Conference on Game-Based Learningigbl_header

The Irish Conference on Game-Based learning will be held on-line on 29th and 30th June.


iGBL is a forum for all stakeholders involved in the development and use of games for learning and motivation.

We will be organizing workshops during the conference to inform and train attendees willing to learn more about how to use games, game engines, and gamification in the classroom.

As such, we are looking for people willing to deliver a workshop during the conference for 1 to 2 hours on the following topics:
- Gamification
- Game engines (Unity, Godot, Unreal Engine, Game Maker)


- Mobile Development

- Scratch
- Python
- C#
- Java
- Game Design

- Assets Creation (3D, 2D and Audio)

- Board games

If you think you have the skills and experience to lead such workshops, please fill-out this form:

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