Ireland’s Leading Career Guidance Programme for Senior Cycle – REACH+ Career and College Preparation Programme is used from TY through to 6th year. It is a blended programme using classroom based learning with student workbooks, as well as web based learning on the REACH+ section of the CareersPortal website. Optimal use of the programme is realised when both workbooks and online tools are used together.  Where students have difficulties accessing the computer room during school hours, work can be very effectively carried out on a whiteboard in the classroom or can be given as homework assignments.

The programme is activity based – learning by doing. It encourages class interaction, co-operative learning and reactive thinking. It has been designed to be engaging – using questionnaires, inventories, action plans, assignments and supporting videos.

The programme is made up of over 50 topics spanning the requirements of most school guidance programmes. Most topics have corresponding lesson plans, drawn up by Guidance Counsellors, to assist in delivering the key learning outcomes.

REACH+ additionally supports the teaching of TY, LCA, LCVP and ICT programmes in schools. Students are encouraged to record their progress throughout the programme, and information stored online is accessible to Guidance Counsellors through their own private ‘Administration’ area. From within this area, a students’ progress over a range of topics can be easily monitored and tracked. Reports can be viewed or printed as required.

Participation in the programme involves the purchase of workbooks by students. Students require just one workbook to cover senior cycle (2 – 3 years depending on whether they take TY). The online administration is only available to schools participating in the programme, and is free.

The programme is now in its 5th year of operation and has over 400 participating schools.

Full details on the programme are available here