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Introduce your students to the Exit Entry App

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Introduce your students to the Exit Entry AppExit Entry



With the CAO Online Applications Portal opening in early November it's crucial that Students have as much support as possible when deciding their courses and career choices. How can Exit Entry help your students and how can you introduce them to the Exit Entry App?


Getting Started

Students can download the free app to their smartphones via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Once they have downloaded the app to their phone, all they need to do is quickly create an account and add their school and current year to their profile. The video below demonstrates how the app works and is suitable to be shown in a classroom environment to all year groups.



The Assessments

Making your CAO choices is a big part of every Irish student's life, we aim to make that process easier. By taking the short interests and skills assessments on the free Exit Entry student app, a student will be matched with third level courses that suit them.

Based on 60 years of research, Exit Entry's science which was developed at Dublin City University aims to match students with their potential occupation and third level course. With over 4,000 courses in our app, we are passionate about connecting every student in Ireland with their personal career pathway.


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