Are International Students Satisfied?

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Inside Higher EdAre International Students Satisfied? - An analysis of satisfaction surveys from 60,000 international students at 48 universities in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia reveals that students are, by and large, satisfied, but that satisfaction levels vary by country of origin and that large proportions of undergraduate international students from a single country can inhibit integration.

The analysis is based on data from the International Student Barometer, a survey instrument developed by the International Graduate Insight Group (i-graduate). The report, "Explaining International Student Satisfaction," acknowledges that “satisfaction” is a subjective term and, further, that “student satisfaction may not always be synonymous with exemplary experience” – as in the case of a student who might prefer a less challenging academic program, for example – but asserts that the size of the sample is sufficiently large to offer insight into the international student experience nevertheless.

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