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Information for Students Planning to Study in Poland

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Information for Students Planning to Study in Poland

  1. Documents required from school to apply for Polish universities

Some of the most ambitious and brightest students who aim to study medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, or related sciences, may be planning to study in Poland. Schools need to support them and set them up for success by providing the documents required before you break for the holidays. 

  1. Checklist - what your students will need from your school to successfully apply to a typical Polish university: 
  • Predicted grades (science subjects only)
  • Eligibility statement (“student is eligible to apply to universities in Ireland”)
  • English language instruction confirmation (“their secondary education was conducted through the English language”) 

All three may be incorporated into one letter, which is:

  • Signed
  • Dated
  • Stamped
  • on school letterhead 


  1. TY and 5th year students may be looking to decide if medicine is a career for them.  Second edition of our Summer MiniMed Programme will take place 4-8th July: intense immersive 3.5-day long experience of practising as a surgeon and of studying medicine in Poland (shadowing, medical simulation, lab work, operating theatre, anatomy class et al). 


  1. More Veterinary Medicine places in Poland: fourth Polish university will be offering Veterinary Medicine in English to Irish students from October 2023: University of Warmia and Mazury thanks to Medical Poland’s support. More info.


  1. Next online Open Day takes place on 29th June, 6:30pm. Register here.

Any questions? Reach out to our team via [email protected].


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