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Including Graduates with a Disability in your Workplace

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This is relevant to those engaged in transforming their place of work into a professional diverse/disability friendlyAHEAD organisation. There are many reasons a company decides to review its position in relation to diversity and disability in the workplace, for example: – because it is the right thing to do, and therefore is good for business. – a known employee acquires a disability. – a new hire discloses that they have a disability and would like to do their work a bit differently.


Whatever the reason – what is increasingly evident is that the world of work is changing, and the rules are changing too. And while this might pose challenges, there are also opportunities for business and companies themselves. One starting point for many companies on their diversity journey is to ensure that the right policies are in place to enable them to develop and support a commitment to equality in the workplace.


Focused and usable policies that clearly support processes, together with buy-in from the top, support any practices that evolve. Ensuring that there are clear diversity and equality policies in place will support positive values, customer orientated service and key business decisions in any organisation.

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