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Online Workshop – Emerging from COVID-19

 Understanding how a pandemic impacts grief, trauma, and recovery processes

Due to the current government-issued instruction to close all schools and colleges in the fight to curb the spread of COVID-19, IICP College has successfully transferred its programmes to online delivery. This method will remain in place until the Irish government determines otherwise.  Irrespective of the format, delivery of our teaching remains on the cutting edge of best practice in counselling and psychotherapy education and training


Pandemics elicit an invisible anxiety between social-distancing and connection, cocooning and isolation, survival and death. Managing our responses to our usual anxieties is difficult enough, so how do we manage them when enmeshed with the shadow of a pandemic? This online workshop aims to explore how pandemics complicate our anxieties, and offers a range of therapeutic responses.

Programme Content:

  • Understanding Anxiety
  • Research on the impact of a
  • pandemic on Mental Health
  • and recovery
  • Death during a pandemic
  • The psychological impact of
  • social-distancing and cocooning
  • Boundaries and self-care
  • Sharing lived experiences:
  • Therapist personal stories
  • Moving our practice online
  • Sitting with fear
  • Moral Distress


Entry Requirements:

This course will be of interest to various professionals, therapists and students who work with clients during COVID-19 and who either moved their practice online or saw it close down, Participants will need a account.



Certification:     The college will issue a certificate of attendance. CPD: 6 Hours


Date:                     Sunday 21 June 2020


Time:                    9:30am – 4:30pm


Cost:                      €95.00 15% discount for IICP Students / Alumni and VCS Counsellors: €80.75*

Venue:                 This workshop will take place online, using a software called Zoom. Participants will be sent a link to join the online platform before the course commences.


Pamela Patchell MA, BA (Hons) MIACP.

Pam holds an MA in Pluralistic Counselling & Psychotherapy, a BA in Integrative Counselling &

Psychotherapy, and Professional Certificates in both CBT and Child and Adolescent Counselling. Pam

practiced as a child-carer for fifteen years before moving into Youth Advocacy and Therapeutic Practice, where she now works with vulnerable adults, children and adolescents, in both voluntary and private practice settings.


For more details please visit our website:

Or contact: IICP Office:  087 9055330

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