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Counselling Skills Online Module


Due to the current government-issued instruction to close all schools and colleges in the fight to curb the spread of COVID-19, IICP College has successfully transferred its programmes to online delivery. This method will remain in place until the Irish government determines otherwise.  Irrespective of the format, delivery of our teaching remains on the cutting edge of best practice in counselling and psychotherapy education and training




“In order for you to be a non-judging, reliable, and attentive listener, you must develop an increasing awareness of yourself and what you’re bringing to the helping relationship.” (Evans, 2013, p18)

Course Content


This module aims to introduce the learner to the basic and intermediate skills of counselling.

Learners will be coached in a range of key skills that will facilitate effective listening within the helping relationship. Learners will explore the characteristics of an effective listener and examine the core conditions of empathy, congruence and unconditional positive regard within the helping relationship. Through lectures, practice and participation, learners will become increasingly aware of listening blocks. With an experiential and practice-based focus, those who complete this module will have gained knowledge, skills and competencies in creating a helping relationship through the application of counselling skills.




Fri 17-July-2020 9.30am-4.30pm

Sat 18-July-2020 9.00am-5.00pm

Sun 19-July-2020 9.00am-5.00pm


Who Should Apply:


This course is suitable for those either working in the helping professions, or interested in seeking to develop their awareness of what is involved in training as a counsellor/ psychotherapist. It is ideal for HR Managers, Teachers, Nurses, Social Care Workers and anyone working directly with people.




IICP Certificate of Attendance – 21 CPD Hours. Completion of this IICP Certificate will enable learners to apply for RPL equivalent to 10 ECTS on our BA (Hons) programme.




€435 (Deposit €130 to be paid upon booking)


Online Classroom Delivery


Our online classes are run as tutorials, that involve students and their lecturer logging into our online portal Zoom™ simultaneously.


Zoom™ provides and integrative online environment for students and Lecturers to interact and engage in the learning. This platform facilitates discussion polls, sharing of slides, videos resources and much, much more.


To foster more intimate learning environments the use of breakout rooms is also implemented, allowing for the safe and experiential triadic learning practice that we have found so successful.


All of our sessions are accessible through computer and mobile devices and we have a structured and robust technology department to support all faculty and students through their online learning journey. To encourage flexibility, and ss best practice, we also record all our sessions, these are made accessible only to the students in that class to review content whenever is convenient to them!


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IICP Office: 087 9055330

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