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ICT Summer Camp in UCC

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ICT Summer Camp in UCC

ICT camp will be a camp for students that are looking to explore their interest in IT as well as using IT to create a sustainable society.

Proposed dates for the camp:

  • June 19th June 22nd
  • August 14th August 17th
  • September 25th September 28th

Who is this for?

The camp is for 5th and 6th years in secondary school.


As part of this camp students will be introduced to the use of Arduino, Raspberry Pi and other small computers fitted with sensors, for sustainability-oriented applications. These include environmental monitoring, energy management, agriculture, and climate change.

Although Students may not have prior experience with these technologies, this course will be hands on, to ensure they gain a better understanding of IT, the potential IT has to improve human life in areas with less resources, the data requirements for modern applications of IT, as well as the UN Sustainable Development Goals for Information Systems.


To ensure that the students get the most out of the camp, a variety of different activities will occur over the four days of the camp with no day the same as the previous one. These activities will include:

  • Lectures from BIS professors on the topics mentioned above.
  • Discussion sessions with tutors
  • Tours of UCC campus and O’Rahilly Building
  • Practical/Lab Work
  • Q&A sessions
  • Recreational activities

Learning Outcomes

  • Explore the use of Information Systems to meet UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Solve sustainability problems using the Internet of Things
  • Design business and technology solutions for environment, energy, and climate issues

Additional information

  • Lunches Provided
  • Camp Length = 4 days (10am to 2pm)


Contact the camp manager at [email protected] 

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