IBM and Exit Entry Open P-TECH Schools Challenge 2021

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IBM and Exit Entry Open P-TECH Schools Challenge 2021


Launching April 19th 2021, Post Primary students in Ireland are invited to participate in the IBM and Exit Entry Open P-TECH Schools Challenge. Students are encouraged to utilise the free Exit Entry app to complete Open P-TECH badges accredited by IBM. On the move, at the touch of a button, students can study and gain an insight into the world of work by accessing the Open P-TECH badges within the Exit Entry app on their mobile phone. Students can choose to complete all four badges namely Professional Skills, Cybersecurity Fundamentals, Explorations into Mindfulness and Principles of Visual Design. For students that have already completed IBM badges you will be automatically entered into the nationwide competition!

These badges provide students with an invaluable insight into the world of work. Students can add their badge accreditation to their student portfolios or CV and they'll also be in with an opportunity to win prizes for their hard work. In the Exit Entry app, the badges can be accessed in the courses section, they’re labelled ‘IBM Badges’.

The competition is open to both Guidance Counsellors as well as secondary school students in Ireland. If you are a Guidance Counsellor, the schools with the most badges completed will be

entered into a draw for a prize for that school's Guidance Counsellor!


Prizes include;

1st prize - € 500 voucher (1 student and 1 GC winner)

2nd prize - € 250 voucher (2 students and 2 GC winners)

3rd prize - € 100 voucher (5 students and 5 GC winners)


Exit Entry believes in creating opportunities for everyone and is delighted to partner with IBM on this initiative.








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