IADT Virtual School VisitsIADT

This time last year the idea of virtual school visits had not been considered. IADT introduced a Webinar Platform during the summer of 2020, to accommodate delivery of Careers and Schools Events.

Here is what we have learned:

  • The delivery of school visits virtually is ideal in the current environment
  • Schools with large numbers can choose to invite a small group of students to the live visit and have the recording on file to show to any number of classes during the year.
  • A practice session to allow the person facilitating the visit within the school is important.
  • The chat function on the webinar platform allows students to ask questions privately and with ease.
  • A virtual platform allows for great flexibility to customise content and to invite a range of speakers.
  • Student Ambassadors can participate with ease from home locations avoiding unnecessary travel.
  • Some schools prefer to use other preferred platforms and that is easy to accommodate.
  • Setting up the virtual visit such that the panel can see into the classroom is preferable as it’s as close as one can get to an in-person visit using a virtual platform.

Initially some schools were hesitant to arrange virtual visits, but their popularity is growing as we all adapt to this new way of connecting with one another and as we upskill with new technologies.

Virtual School Visits with IADT can be booked over the Guidance Counsellor page on our website here.