At the beginning of 2014, Versal surveyed over 400 teachers to better understand their perspectives on teaching with technology.

Last month, they run the same survey again and analyzed how things have changed.

Struck by several of the findings and trends, they have created an infographic illustrating about how teachers are using technology to adapt to this new generation of students and how their use of technology in the classroom is changing.

It’s clear that the use of technology in the classroom is on the rise. The latest survey validated what we’re seeing in the market: technologies that empower teachers are rapidly gaining popularity.

One encouraging finding? Teacher awareness of flipped classrooms rose from 58 to 73 percent. The fact that nearly three-quarters of all teachers surveyed are aware of the flipped classroom model indicates that online learning is now something teachers think about as part of their planning. This is supported by the growing number of teachers interested in creating online courses and lessons – up 8% year-over-year.

We believe these changes are just the tip of the iceberg. By empowering teachers to engage students in new and exciting ways, technology will continue to transform the way teachers teach and students learn.

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