Do you sometimes get frustrated when someone is trying to teach you something new?EdtechIt turns out there’s lots of different ways of learning. By finding out which way suits you best, you can tailor your learning approach to absorb information much faster.

Here’s how to recognize yours:

  • Do you have to see or visualize something to take it in? Are long lectures or big books likely to make you bored? Then you’re most likely a Visual learner, someone who learns by turning information into a graphical form, such as diagrams or spider charts.
  • If you follow lectures easily and love to take part in discussions then you are probably an Auditory/Aural learner. You are the type of learner who prefers verbalizing ideas by reading out loud or listening to instructions.
  • If you enjoy written instructions or investigating a written theory on your own then there’s a good chance you’re a Reading/Writing learner. To excel it’s best for you to take notes and look for textual descriptions.
  • Do you look to get stuck into a task straight away? Do you find you remember something better when you have experience of it? Then you’re probably a Kinesthetic learner. To pick something up, you should get involved with it as soon as possible or imagine applying it in real life.
  • Do more than one, or even all, of the previous types strike a chord with you? Then you could be a Multimodal learner. Try and assess situations before beginning and seeing which style will be the most effective.

What Kind of Learner Are You? Infographic
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