High-performance apprenticeships & work-based learning: 20 guiding principles –  There is strong evidence that work-based learning helps to equip young peopleETBI with the skills that can improve their employability and ease the transition from school to work. This is why the European Commission has called upon governments, social partners and education and training providers to promote apprenticeships and other forms of work-based learning. And this is why we are working to inspire and support stakeholders to make it happen.


The European Pact for Youth, launched in November 2015, is a concrete example of how stakeholders are responding to this call: a business-led initiative to create 10,000 business-education partnerships that over the next two years will lead to at least 100,000 good quality apprenticeships, traineeships or entry-level jobs and boost the chances of young people getting jobs.


Supporting quality opportunities for young people, including apprenticeships is core to the Youth Guarantee, supported by the Youth Employment Initiative, with targeted funding in EU regions worst affected by youth unemployment and the European Social Fund which operates in all regions.


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