MappED! – Providing Equal Opportunities to Students with Disabilities for their Participation in the Erasmus+ ProgrammeAHEAD

The Erasmus Student Network recently launched its new service, MappED! – the platform for inclusive academic mobility. MappED! Is a unique platform where students with disabilities can find all relevant information to support their participation in academic mobility programmes. The project is supported by a consortium consisting of disability experts, International Relations Officers and student representatives from AHEAD, Jaccede, UNICA,  the University of Vigo, University of Warsaw and Erasmus Student Network France.

MappED! is a platform that provides information on various aspects of mobility with a focus on students with disabilities. The interactive map rates a university on: the accessibility of its physical location, the user-friendliness of its website and the availability of services provided for students with disabilities. Over 350 higher education institutions have been mapped.

The map is crowdsourced, with content generated through user submissions. This has been made simple with the MappED! mobile app, available on Android. Through the app, anyone can review and submit information on their universities’ accessibility within minutes.

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