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How to use Working it Out:

  • Working it Out is a booklet which can be used to record the process of a student’s career decision making. It is useful for students, and with their consent can be viewed by parents.
  • It is also useful as it confirms that the guidance work has been done and a decision-making process has happened. It can be used in the classroom or on a one to one basis and is particularly useful for completion after the mocks.
  • Working it Out gives an A-Z methodology which can be adapted to most students allowing them to work independently. It can also be turned into the A-Z of PLC or the A-Z of Apprenticeship with a few edits. In this version A to Q works for most students with the R to Z suitable for CAO applicants.
  • MUASIC gives a standard interest test where students can see high and low This contrasts with computer versions of interest tests where individual answers cannot be viewed. Even if the overall score is not reflecting their interests individual scores of 5 can help identify interests. Scores can then be compared with other interest tests done online.
  • The needs inventory allows the student to define their needs based on the test. They mark a high score 4 or a – skip to indicate how high their need of this area will be in the future. This gives a good guide to priorities.
  • Examples:
  • What are their strongest needs from all the areas MUASIC?
  • What strong subjects would they like to continue to learn?
  • What weaker subjects would they skip? The skip feature confirms areas they do not want to do ever again!
  • Working it Out asks the student to give reasons for their choice and address concerns like cost, location, and job opportunities.
  • The opening page records an I.D. code or a name

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