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As a contribution in the present crisis, Brian Lennon has put together a booklet (70 pages) on Study Skills.  It’s called “STUDY by CHOICE” and is intended for students from secondary level upwards.  It is published on Amazon both as a paperback and as a Kindle e-book. The book is free for one week.  It is available here …

To accompany the book a set of presentation slides are available below for classroom use.

Download Teachers Notes here …


  Title of Topic Apple Keynote Microsoft PowerPoint
1 Don’t even think about studying!
2 Your learning for life story
3 The Five-Second Study Skills Course
4 If you haven’t got the ball, you can’t score a goal
5 Instant Coffee
6 Spinning your web
7 How do you know you know?
8 Remembering not to forget
9 LAST but not least
10 The Secret Power of Your Memory
11 Your Study Den
12 Homework and Study
13 Holy Notes
14 Learning With Style
15 Study Time Management
16 Revision
17 Examination Expertise
18 Studies Cross-Examination
19 Your Best Teacher