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GOING DIGITAL... female forces in the tech industry

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GOING DIGITAL... female forces in the tech industry
This GOING DIGITAL NEWS rolls together the latest videos, views and viz from the OECD's work on digitalisation.

We are focussing on how change is accelerating in the tech industry and the challenges women face in equal access to opportunities in this field.

The inside story of women in start-ups
This documentary series by SheStarts follows six female founders as they step out of their comfort zone to pitch game-changing business ideas. Will their ideas stack up under pressure? Do they have what it takes to secure funding and scale their businesses? And can they push through their fears to step into the spotlight? 
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Many Shining Moments: Women making waves in the tech industry
Not only are women are less likely to be entrepreneurs, but female-owned businesses tend to earn less than those owned by their male counterparts. Yet, women all over the world are working hard to turn around such statistics and are redefining what it means to be a tech entrepreneur. In this piece, we share some of their stories...
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Bridging the digital gender divide
Women need to be further empowered to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the digital transformation.While G20 economies have taken important actions to narrow gender gaps in general, more needs to be done to increase the participation of women and girls in the digital economy so that they can contribute to and benefit from the digital transformation.
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Women's Forum 2018 14-16 Nov
Join us as at the session "From anxiety to progress: Navigating accelerating digital change" to discuss how digital platforms are providing women with opportunities. We will also talk about structural divides in women’s leadership in STEM, as well as skills gaps and how they could play a transformative role in shaping this digital transformation to the benefit of women.
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