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Newsletter October 2020 – 3

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Language Department

Fit in Deutsch Training
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WEBINAR FIT IN DEUTSCH – 17/10/2020 4.00 pm

If you are a secondary school teacher of German and want to get information about the Goethe-Certificates Fit in Deutsch 1 und 2, please join our Webinar via Zoom on 17 October from 4 – 5.30 pm.

To register please contact: [email protected]



Professional Development
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Scholarships for Further Training in Germany 2021

The Goethe-Institut is happy to offer a number of scholarships to teachers of German. The offer is aimed at German teachers just embarking on their career, as well as at teachers expanding their knowledge in general. Those who train German language teachers are also able to benefit from the variety of courses.






Between Telemorphosis and Security Zones
Image: María del Buey


We exist between Telemorphosis and Security Zones. Our everyday, ordinary lives occupy virtual spatial constructions, modulated by screens, in flux between firewalls and passwords. This is the way we live. It also defines the spaces we inhabit. Technology is found in us and we find ourselves in technology. We don’t even have to think about it.
However, it is only by thinking about something that we can begin to question it. María del Buey and Dominique Crowley, in their 10-day online installation, are asking some questions.






Hiberno Goethe Klein
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Podcast Hiberno Goethe – 16/10/2020

This month in the second episode of our podcast series, Ciarán Murray from Near FM is talking with the German ambassador Deike Potzel, who, ever since her inter-railing in Europe shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, had an interest in Irish people, history and even its language. They talk about the Irish border, the ambassador’s growing up in East Berlin and the rise of the far right.   We hear how stereotypes of Germans seem to be the same in Dublin, Singapore or Tehran and about the importance of confronting our past and need for open debates for cultural understanding.
They talk about the beauty of the Baltic sea, especially the car free picturesque island Hiddensee, Brittas Bay in Wicklow and many great German and Irish writers that inspire Deike, some of them enjoyed particularly with a glass of wine.
While she doesn’t miss much specifically from Germany, certainly not Sülze, but maybe cherry jam, East Berlin and the DDR will always be an important part of her identity.



Der grosse Garten
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Digital Book Club: LOLA RANDL: DER GROSSE GARTEN – 29/10/2020 – 6.00 pm

What could be nicer than reading a good book? We have an idea: Read together!

Like-minded people from various Northern European countries meet in the new digital book club of the Goethe-Institut to read German-language literature together and share their reading experience and perspectives. The special thing about it: The authors are there live, reading from their books and discussing with us.

At our third international meeting on October 29th, we invited the filmmaker and writer Lola Randl to read her book The Great Garden with us.



Emerging International Voices for Library Advocacy. The Goethe-Institut Programme with IFLA
Goethe-Institut | created with Canva | CC BY 4.0

Emerging International Voices – Online Seminar – 15/10/2020 1-2 pm CEST

From a Physical to a Virtual Community Space: What is Possible?
With Kathrin Schuster (Munich City Library) and Luke Swarthout (New York Public Library)

Libraries are often seen as ‘third spaces’, or a key part of the ‘social infrastructure’ of the communities they serve. Much of this is based on the physical spaces they offer. We want participants to be able to explore the question of how increased use of digital tools – in particular remotely from the library – is likely to affect this aspect of libraries’ work. What do we know about how people interact with digital offerings, and how both to attract new users and keep those who are already there?