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Gambia School Build

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Gambia School Build

Used laptops, tablets, projectors, whiteboards, printer/photocopier, school furniture.

I am part of a charitable group (Irish Friends School Charity) IFSC and we are going to Gambia in March of next year. I hope that you may have old functional laptops tablets, etc...which would be put to great use in Gambia.


Or aim during our 9 day build is the following:
* build 2 new classrooms 16.2m x 8.5m
* renovate 3 existing classrooms, office and store approximately 30m x 8.50m
* kit out the Kitchen and small classroom, approximately 9m x 7.50m
* create a safe outdoor childrens play area

We are going to be sending a container in early January which will be full of building supplies, school furniture, school stationary (pens, pencils, copybooks, photocopy paper) clothing and football boots.


The school in Giboro is a nursery school which educates over 150 children from 3-8 years old and if there was anything that you could help with, our group would be extremely grateful as the smallest of things goes along way in Gambia.

Attached is more info from our recent trip in August.

My direct number is 087 278 9429 or can contact me on email - [email protected].

Thank you in advance.

Paddy Barry


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