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FREE Pre/Mock HL LC Maths

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FREE Pre/Mock HL LC MathsTuition Centre



Open to Leaving Cert students nationwide

We have received many emails from students, teachers and parents in relation to the school LC HL Maths Mock/ Pre exams. The majority of students found these exams to be very challenging. That is completely normal. The reason is because of the length of the HL Maths course. It has always been difficult to get enough of the material covered, to be well prepared for the school Mock in early February.

The Tuition Centre has been providing a second Mock exam in the month of April for the last 7 years! By that stage of the year students have much more material covered and crucially, have more practice done in relation to problem solving questions, which are worth 50% of the exam.

We know from previous years that the grade students get in the TTC Maths Pre is a very good indicator of what they are likely to get in the real exam in June!

A unique opportunity to test yourself and measure how you have improved since your Mock Exams.

How will I get the papers?

Register FREE for the course on The Tuition Centre website:

Register Here

On 22 April at 09:30 AM logon to the website and access the Paper 1 exam.

On 29 April at 09:30 AM logon to the website and access the Paper 2 exam.

Print out the exam and complete in 2 h 30 m. If you don't have a printer, view on your device and complete in a copy.


How will it be corrected?

At this time of 6th year, students benefit greatly from correcting their own exams and finding out where they have lost marks.

You can access a copy of our easy to follow Marking Schemes to study the solutions. These will be available to you after you take the exam.

There will also be YouTube recordings available with detailed explanations of how the marks are allocated for each question.


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If you enjoyed your experience with the Tuition Centre, we would really appreciate a Google review.

P: 089 448 4050
E: [email protected]

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