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FREE Code Club - Code Along With Live Sessions

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FREE Code Club - Code Along With Live SessionsCode Club

I am reaching out to invite you, along with other registered Code Club leaders, to a unique series of sessions designed to help you re-establish your Code Club.

Starting on Thursday  23 September at 11 am, I will be facilitating six weeks of online Code Along With sessions. These sessions will focus on NEW Code Club Scratch learning pathways.

These sessions will allow your young learners to code along and learn to code with me. However, that’s not all! I have also designed these sessions to train you as the teacher to feel comfortable supporting these materials with your club.

In addition to the six online sessions, I am also running a Teacher Training/Wrap up session to answer any questions you may have from the previous six weeks and to introduce you to the next pathway to explore with your Code Club.

The Code Along With sessions are open to all schools, and the only requirement for participation is that your school is registered with Code Club and will continue to run the club after the initial sessions.

As part of the FREE registration process with Code Club, you will be asked for the details of a safeguarding sponsor. The safeguarding sponsor is an additional member of staff at your school, such as a headteacher or child protection lead. Top tips for your club application are:

  1. Remember not to put yourself down as the safeguarding sponsor
  2. Ensure you use their professional email (not a personal Gmail account or a generic [email protected] email address etc.), so it is easier to see they work at the school

To register your school/class for the Code Along With sessions, please complete this form by no later than Friday 17 September.


Kind Regards
Darren Bayliss
Programme Coordinator - Ireland

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