Free Access to Yooni Careers Technology

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Free Access to Yooni Careers Technology

In support of the class of 2021, in order for students to focus their time on their studies and not worry about career choice, we at Yooni ( have made the decision to open our educational platform to all students FREE of charge from Sunday the 21st of February until the 1st of July 2021 (i.e. CAO change of mind closing date). This will allow students to log onto the Yooni's Career Guidance Platform and complete our 'Yooni Fit assessment' (normally €49.99) that matches leaving certificate students to 3rd level courses within the CAO system. The assessment involves students completing a career interest inventory, a personality test, and inputting their predicted grades. The 'Yooni Fit' results are then engineered through our system using artificial intelligence to match students to courses that they are best suited to.


We hope that by opening our platform FREE of charge to students that it will alleviate some of the pressures that students currently feel. Our aim at Yooni is to get the right student into the right course, and with individuals like yourself, to make the best career guidance services easily accessible to all, regardless of their personal, social or educational background.


We would be very grateful if you could share our news in your 'careers and education news' that you email out to all guidance counsellors.


NB: In order for students to find their 'Yooni Fit' all they have to do is log onto - go to Login - ref image 1 below, register to create an account - ref image 2 below, select their school, choose their year of study (5th year, 6th year) and then they are able to proceed to completing the interest test, the personality test and enter their predicted grades, and once all 3 areas have been completed, the system will then generate their 'Yooni Fit' results.

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