FoodIE Summer School OverviewTU Dublin

Many second level students are aspiring entrepreneurs, the food industry provides an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to develop a business. Increasing global demand for food combined with a desire for healthier products, new flavours and new textures means consumers are always searching for new innovative food products to try. This results in an excellent opportunity for food companies with new ideas and new products.

The FoodIE summer school will take students through the product development life cycle over the course of five days. Initially students will be introduced to market research reports and national nutrition surveys, discovering their role in helping to identify gaps in the market and future nutritional needs. “Ask an expert” sessions will allow students to discuss their ideas / products with experts in areas such as Nutrition. Once students have established their idea (with help from staff) they will commence the product development phase where they will develop their product.

Following each phase of product development students will characterize their product testing for attributes such as texture and colour using instruments such as the Instron food texture analyser and Colorimeter. Students will learn about sensory science and how to design sensory tests for different types of products. Students will both conduct sensory tests as well as participate in sensory trials for other students in the FoodIE summer school. The final day of the summer school will involve a full scale production of the final product before participating in a “product launch” event.

The launch will include experts from industry in digital marketing and food production who will provide advice to students on how to continue with the development of their product beyond the FoodIE summer school.

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FoodIE Summer School 2019
TU Dublin