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Exit Entry Highlights of 2021

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Exit Entry Highlights of 2021


NCGE Pilot Program

In 2020-2021 Exit Entry partnered with NCGE to establish a pilot program “Reimagining post primary work experience“ with the support of a number of post primary schools in Ireland.

IBM Open P-Tech, Business in the community (BITCI), The American Chamber of Commerce, Spotlight and PPL languages also joined the pilot to support schools and students.

Notwithstanding the changing landscape that COVID brought for all, we are very grateful to the NCGE, our school partners, Guidance Counsellors and students that participated in the pilot program. It was fantastic to see the level of interest and commitment from all involved.


Accredited Learning Modules on the Exit Entry App

We were thrilled to be able to partner with IBM to give your students complete access to free accredited learning modules which can be completed independently on their smartphones at home and in the classroom with the support of their teachers. The courses and their modules are aimed at all Post Primary School students, from 1st to 6th year.

Upon completion of each course, students will earn an accredited IBM SkillsBuild Badge which can be added to their C.V.'s. In 2021, thousands of IBM activities were completed by students through the Exit Entry app and we have had great feedback from both students and schools regarding the ease of accessing and completing the modules.

Click here for more information about the free accredited learning modules. 


The Voice of Youth

At the beginning of 2021, Exit Entry surveyed a large number of post primary students regarding the pandemic, lockdown and how it affected them.

The feedback left such an impact on us that we needed to share its message publicly and nationwide through this video. We would ask that you deeply consider these insights and share this message with others.


Guidance Counsellor Hub Launch

In September we officially launched our newest platform, the Guidance Counsellor Hub. This technology was designed following the feedback from Guidance Counsellors nationwide and we will continue to update and adapt this platform to meet the needs of current and future users.

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