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Exit Entry Guidance Counsellor HUB

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Exit Entry Guidance Counsellor HUB

Exit Entry is offering Guidance Counsellors an opportunity to connect with their students through the Exit Entry Guidance Counsellor HUB. Thousands of students nationwide are part of the Exit Entry community, availing of the free Exit Entry app to assess their skills and interests, and connect with opportunities. The Guidance Counsellor HUB allows students and Guidance Counsellors to work together towards career pathways and opportunities with many additional features. Also, Exit Entry provide students with an insight into the world of work through their virtual Work X platform. Teachers can share this content and discuss it in class through the Guidance Counsellor HUB.

Utilise the HUB to explore careers, companies and job roles with your students and help them to achieve their goals. For more information on this product and its features, email Sinéad at [email protected].

Exit Entry helping students discover their next opportunity.


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