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What is the Europass?

The most trusted European tool to manage your learning (studies) or your career even when you are starting your first job.  The best part is that the service is free!  Check it out at www.europa.ue/europass/en

Europass for Guidance Counsellors - Europass aims to be a guidance tool, supporting guidance in lifelong learning to make it easier to find new opportunities for employment, learning and mobility. Europass is a free tool that guidance practitioners can use with diverse users and, in so doing, foster inclusion, participation, and accessibility of all.

See how Europass can be useful in guidance work - check out Euroguidance Ireland:

How to create your Europass profile video ...

Start building your profile and plan your career today!

With Europass you can create a user profile and use it to build CVs.  Create cover letters, receive personalised job suggestions, prepare and track applications for different courses and jobs.

Take the next step in your learning or career

With Europass, the European Commission supports you in reaching your full potential and finding opportunities across Europe and at home that match your skills and experiences.

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