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EU Code Week is coming soon

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EU Code Week is coming soonCode Week

It’s that time of year again when our thoughts turn to EU Code Week which takes place from the 9th to 24th October. Last year Ireland came in 27th place with 123 activities.  This year Julie Power and I, as Irish CodeWeek ambassadors, would like to see the number of pinned activities increased.  We know many of you will be completing coding activities over the coming weeks.  We would love if you would pin these activities at  Don’t forget that your coding activities can take place outside of the official CodeWeek dates of 9th to 24th October.

For those who may not have activities planned yet we will share some resources over the next few weeks to help you identify suitable activities.  This week we will be looking at resources from the Schools section of the EU Code Week website.  These comprise of short videos outlining the concepts with more detailed lesson plans covering different age groups and activities.  There are lots of resources available so please feel free to look beyond the 3 activities I have identified below.

·         Miles Berry introduces computational thinking

·         Jesús Moreno León outlines how to create educational games with Scratch

·         Diogo da Silva talks about tinkering and Making with the microbit

In addition there is a presentation and toolkit available for teachers to introduce EU Code Week to their students and to award certificates in recognition of engagement with CodeWeek activities.  These can be found under the resources section of the website.

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