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EU-citizens have insufficient digital skills

Skilling up for eSkills – Digital skills, or eSkills, are of great importance in order to function in present and future society.eSkills The increasing interest in ICT in our society and economy is forcing us to reconsider how we think and use our abilities. Whether we are civilian, consumer, patient, employee, entrepreneur, official, caretaker: in short, it includes everyone and in all sectors.

EU-statistics show that at least 100 million EU-citizens have insufficient digital skills and therefore are at risk of becoming socially and economically excluded. Think about making and maintaining online social contact, communication with the government, but also finding the right information and products. This group will increasingly have less chance of finding work, because in lots of traditional ‘non-ICT-professions’, from caretaker to mechanic and teacher to shop assistant, you will need digital skills. In fact, without these abilities, I believe it is impossible to gain and maintain access to these types of jobs and with that, the related critical and creative thinking and the ability to communicate and work well together.

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