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Effective career guidance

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Effective career guidanceiccdpp

  • What is meant by 'career guidance'
  • The current social and economic context that guides publicly funded career guidance responses
  • Some characteristics of effective career guidance systems
  • The role of employers in supporting career learning activities
  • Some facts and figures relating to career guidance provision
  • International organisation resources that support policy and systems learning for career guidance
  • Role descriptions of international organisations with respect to career guidance policy, systems, and practice development.

Effective career guidance helps individuals to reach their potential, economies to become more efficient and societies to become fairer. It is critical to the smooth transitions of people as they make choices about education and training and to mobility within the labour market. In December 2019, six international organisations came together to publish a first booklet on the importance of investing in career guidance1. The joint effort reflected the fact that the need for guidance had increased sharply with people staying in education and training
longer and pressure growing on people to upskill and reskill.

Today’s labour market is still more turbulent. Covid-19 has deeply disrupted demand for workers and accelerated patterns of automation and digital transformation that are radically changing the character of work and increasing risks of joblessness and precarious employment. What’s more, globalisation, demographic trends and growing efforts to create greener economies are changing the character of demand for skills in labour markets around the world.

Career guidance has an essential part to play in recovery plans and in helping people of all ages and backgrounds to navigate such disruption. Evidence reviews give policy makers confidence that investment in guidance can be expected to provide positive economic, educational and social returns to both individuals and society. International data shows, however, that in too many countries access to guidance is insufficient, particularly for those who are in greatest need.

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