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Call for consultation on Statement of Strategy 2016- 2018Education and Skills

As part of the Government’s first 100 days Programme, we are starting the process of developing a new Strategy for Education and Skills 2016-2018.

This Strategy will be informed by the Government’s Programme for a Partnership Government and aims to advance the transformation of the education system to support the principles of the Programme in developing a strong economy so as to support fair and compassionate society.

The Government’s basic vision is to use our economic success to make people’s lives better.

No area of the Government’s work is more vital to this mission than education. In no area of the Government’s work do we have more capacity to improve our society and make people’s lives better – most importantly, for the children, students and life-long learners who depend on our services. I look forward to working with you to help achieve that.

The Programme sets out the following eight areas of priority:

1.       Prioritising Early Years

2.       Tackling Disadvantage

3.       Diversity and Choice for Parents

4.       Promoting Excellence and Innovation in Schools

5.       Promoting Creativity and Entrepreneurial Capacity in Students

6.       Making Better use of Educational Assets within Communities

7.       Special Needs Education

8.       Meeting the Skills Needs of the Future

The Government has committed to producing a three year strategy for the Department in the first 100 days and a framework for measuring its progress in consultation with stakeholders. Accordingly, I am launching this stakeholder consultation to gather your views on the development of the new strategy so that you can input into its development. The consultation paper poses a series of questions for your consideration. You can, of course, provide a submission in a different format it you wish.

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