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E-learning Courses in Law

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E-learning Courses in Law


We are writing to inform you of our offer on a range of eLearning courses of great benefit particularly to Junior Cycle, Leaving Cert Applied, and Transition Year students. 


As an alternative or an addition to LawEd's interactive onsite workshops, our eLearning courses cater to the needs and interests of students and can be easily integrated into wellbeing, careers, transition year or SPHE classes. Our courses have been specially designed to allow for the best learning experience which ensures students stay motivated and focused throughout. 

Through our eLearning courses, students get their questions answered such as 

What is and isn't legal consent?

What are the laws on cyber bullying? 

Can I go to jail for sending explicit images?

What happens if I am arrested as a minor? 

What are the consequences for driving without a license? 

How many hours/how much pay should I get working a job as a minor?

The Law & You - Junior cycle wellbeing 
Tailored specifically to the junior cycle, mandatory wellbeing hours, The Law & You allows students to explore and understand their legal rights. Students will learn about:

  • Consent, sexual relationships & offences 

  • Online privacy and social media- Coco's law, cyberbullying, digital footprint & more

  • Young people and related offences- assault, self defense, hate crimes & juvenile justice 

  • The Irish legal system- court structure, what is democracy & more

  • Criminal & civil Law explained 

The Law Uncovered- LCA & Transition Years

Designed for senior cycle students, The Law Uncovered sets out to answer the many questions students have about the law and exposing them to a taste of what a law degree could be like at university level. Through this online course students will get an understanding of

  • The Irish legal system

  • The Irish court structure 

  • The criminal system

  • Young people & the Law

  • The rights of young people

  • The online world & the Law

  • Civil Law

Blended Approach- Onsite visits & eLearning


The students we have worked with so far across 190 schools have greatly benefitted from our interactive workshops seamlessly blended together with LawEd's eLearning options. These workshops encourage participation, open conversation and are designed to spark curiosity. For more information on our onsite workshops visit or phone 086 8144 369

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