Dutch Universities Return to Ireland

Dutch Universities Return to IrelandEunicas

On foot of the continuing increase in the numbers of Irish students going to study in the Netherlands, it is no surprise that a group of Dutch universities and Universities of Applied Sciences are coming to Ireland in a series of events, OMG We’re Going Dutch, offering families the opportunity to meet the universities and Irish who are already studying there.

The event follows other successful events in the same venues, last October, attended by over 1400 students.

So why Netherlands?  Flouch, who  has organised these events, comments that:

“Firstly, these are excellent programmes in highly-ranked and well-resources institutions. Dutch universities don’t select for entry, based on Leaving Cert points. Tuition Fees which, at €2083, are already very low, can be recouped by way of an interest-free loan from the Dutch government. Not only can students take their SUSI Grant with them but there is further financial support from the Dutch government. Add to that, the attractiveness of graduates from these institutions, to employers, in an increasingly globalised employment market, it is definitely worth thinking about”

Irish students are now enrolling in Dutch research universities, all of which are higher-ranked than UCD, following programmes in areas such as Psychology, Law, Politics, Engineering, Business, Science, Arts & Culture, and many more. They are also being attracted to the excellent Applied Universities which are more practical employment-focused institutions offering qualifications in areas such as Physiotherapy, Teaching, Business, Art & Design, IT, Hotel Management and Media

Make that step? Register here:
22nd October CORK

23rd October GALWAY

24th October DUBLIN

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