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Dundrum CFE a leader in offering modular and credit-based components

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HUB programmes and choosing your courseDundrum CFE

We Offer Greater Flexibility

Dundrum College of Further Education is a leader in offering modular and credit-based components in our full-time QQI Level 5 and 6 Major Award courses. Our HUB structure allows you to study core and elective modules tailoring your award to your special interest area. Dundrum College of Further Education offers greater flexibility, where you can adapt the curriculum to your personal preferences. Our modular HUB based design meets all National standards and makes it much easier for you to study the subjects of particular interest to you.

Flexibility in Learning

We are committed to delivering flexibility in our programmes, to fit the circumstances of learners who come to us. Our courses are offered in various flexible ways for example through morning, part-time, blended learning or a shorter learning week.

Some courses provide Blended Learning opportunities allowing for the integration of digital tools, techniques and content in tandem with face-to-face teaching and learning in a physical classroom. Blended learning offers many opportunities for flexibility, independence and the freedom to study anywhere you wish. In a blended course, students may view lectures, access readings, ask questions, and complete assignments online from home through our virtual learning environments (VLE) Google Classroom. This also frees up your face-to-face class time for discussions and activities or indeed independent learning.

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