The Digital Transformation of Irish Higher and Further Education – Real or Imagined? DKIT

Strategy, practices, and active learning pedagogies for a digital era
Dundalk Institute of Technology May 30-31

The 2018 Action Plan for Education highlights the national priority  to make the Irish Education and Training service the best Europe by 2026. The 2018-19 plan encompasses a range of themes including: embracing digital technologies; engaging learners; leadership and professional development; skills capacity building; strategic capability; and digital transformation (p. 42). 

EdTech19 will explore the current state of digital transformation in Higher and Further Education and Training. It will consider the emerging strategies, practices, research areas and pedagogies that will be required to enable the Action Plan vision for 2026. 

The conference will provide a dynamic platform for policy-makers, strategists, researchers and practitioners to engage with: national and international strategic and operational approaches to digital transformation across the third level sector; research-led technology-enabled innovations; and trends and challenges in developing pedagogies in a digital age.

Warning! This isn’t a conference where you just sit back and listen to presentations. EdTech19 will support active participation and collaboration at its core!  We invite you to connect, converse and collaborate with us in Dundalk Institute of Technology on May 30th and 31st 2019 as we address the Digital Transformation of Irish Higher and Further Education – Real or Imagined?.