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Technological University Submission in Q4 2020IT Sligo

IT Sligo’s ambition to become a Technological University was boosted with a very significant meeting of  all three Institutes of the Connacht Ulster Alliance (CUA) in November. The Governing Bodies of IT Sligo, GMIT & LYIT, met in Donegal Town recently and made a commitment to the Department of Education & Skills to submit an application to become a Technological University in Autumn of 2020.

The three Institutes met as the CUA to clarify the next steps needed to secure University status. The governance, academic and organisational structures of the new TU were addressed as part of the planning by the three CUA institutions toward becoming a TU.

This is a very significant movement towards the CUA’s joint ambition to become a Technological University and is the fruitful outcome of a seven year process.


So why do we want to become a TU?

- It’s better for the region; economically and socially.

There is an imbalance across the country in terms of population distribution, levels of employment regional incomes and the education qualifications profile. The current pace of development of industry in geographical centres other than the West/North-West is not consistent with long term economic, social and cultural regional balance. There is an opportunity now to greatly improve the ability of the West/North West region to grow at a faster pace by providing local access across the region to university education. This will attract and cater for students of all levels and will optimise the prospect of career opportunities in the region with businesses whose development is supported by the new TU.

A TU in the region will partner with other education providers, state agencies and companies to drive regional economic growth across the West/North-West.

IT Sligo will join with GMIT and LYIT to become a university for the region, with eight campuses stretching from Malin Head to Clare. Access to higher education will be easier and students will avail of a wide range of expertise and increased resources, and will get a university award.

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