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Computing Support for Teachers

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Computing Support for Teachers


A Modern Approach to the Delivery of Cyber-Safety, Computer Science and Coding.

We Deliver, The Teacher Facilitates the Learning!


It was great to meet so many of the delegates at the recent ASTI conference in Wexford. As promised, we offer all ASTI and TUI members a 20% discount on our fantastic Cyber-Safety and Coding programmes. is the first educational programme provider to offer a virtual teaching assistant. We deliver the lessons, and the teacher facilitates the learning. This allows the teacher to focus on supporting students directly.       


Cyber-Safety - 1st to 3rd Year + Staff and Parents

  • We deliver the teacher facilitates the learning. 

  • 8 age-appropriate lessons per year.

  • Access for the entire academic year.

  • Staff and Parents Programme can be completed at home on any device.

The current standard practice is for schools to have a Cyber Safety programme provider visit the school. We have seen that parent attendance at talks and follow-up engagement could be far better. Therefore, we must provide modern options to increase engagement and encourage parents to take an interest and ownership.

Also, if a student issue reoccurs, the material and expertise to readdress this area are unavailable from a once-off service provider.

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Coding 1st to 3rd Year

  • 6x Scratch Lesson - Introduction to Computer Science and Coding via Scratch – Recommended 1st Year

  • 6x HTML Lesson - Building Your First Web Page – Recommended 2nd Year

  • 6x Python Lesson - PYTHON - Real-World Programming – Recommended 3rd year

  • Access for the full academic year. 

  • We teach. You facilitate the learning and assist the students.

The virtual coding teacher allows the teacher to focus on the students. We deliver, and the teacher facilitates the core learning. Most teachers appointed into this role only have ICT and not computer science training.

The delivery of computer science and coding is an area which requires more than a short crash course. Our programmes support teachers and allow them to continue to upskill whilst having these lessons delivered.    

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Transition Year – Self-Directed Learning

Your students are now global digital citizens and should be exposed to Digital Citizenship, Computer Science and Coding Programmes. Our TY programmes give your students exposure to these areas and allow them to explore and consider these areas as viable third-level choices. 

  • Cyber Safety & Digital Citizenship (8 modules at 40 mins)

  • An Introduction To Computer Science And Coding (6 modules at 40 mins)

  • HTML/CSS - Create your own website (6 modules at 40 mins)

  • Python – Real-World Programming (6 modules at 40 mins)

    • Students must complete each module before they can progress.

    • Each module has a quiz to ensure students have gained a core understanding.

    • Certification upon completion

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Our Unbeatable Offers:

How to get your Early Bird discount:


Go To Our Shop Here
  1. Select the programme or bundle you want for your 23/24 students.

  2. Pay your deposit, and we will guarantee these programmes at the Early Bird rate for the 23/24 academic year.

Note for Transition Year:

  1. Click "Pay Deposit"

    • We understand you will only be partially sure of your numbers, so an approximate student number is appropriate.

  2. Select "Number of Students" and "Add to Cart"

  3. Proceed to Check Out.

Kind Regards,

CyberSchool Team


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