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Computing for Educators at LYIT

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Computing for Educators at LYIT

Attached is the flyer and application forms for both our HDip and Masters which educators send directly to myself and I will forward for processing. The 'Life Long Learning' form is for the HDip and the 'Postgraduate' form is for the Masters. Or alternatively the forms can be forwarded to others you think might be interested.

Each taught module is 100% continuous assessment - i.e. no exams. Each module has a practical element relating to the module content. Most modules also have a reflective log (typically made up of your online contributions) and also a short lesson plan/infographic or e-portfolio. Each lecturer will have their own slight variation though to suit the nature of the module but most follow this format. Both the HDip and the Masters were written with the LC Computer Science curriculum in mind.

Attached are the modules and the dates/locations (HDip). If educators are applying for more than 2 modules, they will need more than one form. Please specify the preferred location for each module on the form(s) by writing either "LYIT" or "Athlone". Applicants can sit some modules in either location - in other words - they don't have to sit all modules in either Athlone or LYIT.

Some students complete only one or two per year on the HDip, whilst others decide to do more. Entirely up to each individual - we endeavour to provide maximum flexibility. I'd suggest starting with the mandatory modules and make Coding Principles and perhaps Digital Citizenship the first two - especially if this is a relatively new subject area for the applicant.

Each module on the HDip is 200 euro (you can pay as you go) and the Masters is 5k in total which can be paid in instalments. Both courses work out relatively inexpensive.

The first set of reading material has been put online for the first Masters module but there's plenty of time to catch up with material before the first Saturday session (21st Sept) if this is a course of interest to someone. Also worth noting that the 3 taught modules on the Masters are taught over 3 10 week blocks. Module 1 in block 1, module 2 in block 2 and module 3 in block 3. again, to make the course as accessible as possible, the modules to do not have prerequisites, therefore applicants can join the course at block 2 or block 3 if block 1 didn't suit. the dissertation can be started alongside the 3rd module or left to the end (whichever the student prefers).

Dr. Nigel McKelvey, EdD., MSc., PGCE (ICT), BSc., MICS, MIEEE
Head of Online and Flexible Learning
Lecturer, Computing Department,
Letterkenny Institute of Technology. F92 FC93
[email protected]


Higher Diploma in Science in Computing for Educators

MSc in Computing in Computer Science Education Research

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