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Coillte Nature - Summer Update

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Coillte Nature - Summer Update

This Season

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The Devil's Glen

To celebrate Biodiversity Week, a walk was held at the Devil’s Glen forest in Co Wicklow, one of Coillte Nature's flagship 'Restoring Biodiversity' sites, where works start this year. Declan Little led a group along the Waterfall Loop Walk, highlighting the cultural and silvicultural significance of this unique woodland...learn more

Regenerating Forests

As part of the Dublin Mountains Makeover, some areas of forest are being managed under Continuous Cover Forestry. In a guest blog for this newsletter, Laura Harris, PhD student at Maynooth University, tells us about the process of underplanting native saplings to speed up the regeneration process where thinning has taken place...learn more 

Derrycarne Nature Walk

Thanks to everyone that came out and met us at Derrycarne in Co. Leitrim for a nature walk during Biodiversity Week. Coillte Nature Operations Manager Karen Woods explained about the nature restoration works planned for this beautiful location while Community Waters Officer Karen Kennedy spoke about the natural value of lakeside environments.

I went out to the hazel wood...

'I went out to the hazel wood, because a fire was in my head...' wrote W B Yeats in The Song of Wandering Aengus. Those who visit Hazelwood in Co. Sligo this season will see that after much planning, clearing of invasive species and careful marking of trees for CCF management, this CCF thinning is now underway. This will improve the diversity of species and structure in this special woodland.

The Story of a New Native Woodland
We love this video on the new website for The Nature Trust, animated by Lisa Kearney, award-winning animator and designer. Based in County Galway, Lisa took inspiration from the natural wildlife and forests surrounding her home to make this beautiful piece of work which tells the story of how a newly planted native woodland develops over time.

What does Coillte Nature do? Find out more about our work

Coillte Nature is the not-for-profit branch of Coillte. We are building on 30 years’ experience in forestry, land management and habitat restoration to deliver real impact on the climate and biodiversity crises through innovative projects-of-scale across four strategic themes:  

  1. Afforesting our landscapes by planting new native woodlands on un-forested land 
  2. Restoring important biodiversity areas by investing in major habitat improvements 
  3. Regenerating urban forests for the benefit of people and nature 
  4. Rehabilitating ecosystem services by bringing sensitive or degraded lands into better health 

Learn more about our projects...

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