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Coding Summer Camps 2022 - Registration Open!

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Coding Summer Camps 2022 - Registration Open!

Coding camps for kids & teens. Grab an early-bird discount!

Early-Bird Registration Now Open!

Whether you've coded with us before or it's your first time joining one of our coding camps, students are in for a treat this summer! We have brand new games and coding challenges across all levels, and we'll be announcing even more content as the summer approaches. And don't forget about our early-bird discount - this offer is for a limited time only so make sure to grab a cheaper registration before they're gone!

With 1, 2 and 4 week* camp options, students will have time to really work through our coding grades and potentially jump up a grade (or two!). FAQs and more info below:

Summer Camp Start Dates:

20th June, 4th July, 18th July, 2nd Aug

*There is no 4 week option for Parent & Child camps, or for camps that start on Aug 2nd (due to the school term restarting)


Students will work on topics like: Digital storytelling, functional literacy, navigating the internet, online wellbeing, keyboard & mouse skills & much more.


Fresher students will primarily work with a block-based programming language called Scratch - learning to create digital projects, games, digital designs and much more.

Our older students will be introduced to Java programming through a framework called ‘processing’. This is our flagship “intro to programming” course, which will take students through a wide range of concepts.

The Senior (13+) Summer Camp is the perfect camp for teens who want to learn how to code! Senior students start directly from Grade 4 of our Pathway to Computer Science program.


You've got questions, we've got answers!

What will my child learn?

Students will learn basic and advanced coding skills using coding languages such as Scratch and Processing - giving them the opportunity to create digital projects, games, and much more. No single week at the Academy of Code is quite the same!

Is there new content for returning students?

The beauty of our offering is that regardless of what stage of coding your child is at, there is nearly always a next step or challenge waiting for them along our 10-grade Pathway to Computer Science curriculum. Students who have coded with us before will really be able to hone their skills and take on new challenges this summer!

How many weeks should I register for?

We encourage students (especially beginners & novice coders) to sign up for a 2+ week summer camp, as this will give them a really solid learning foundation. Moreover, students usually love the first week and want to do another one (or three!) but then can't, because we're already sold out and can't offer a place for the extra weeks. We offer a flexible refund policy, so if at any stage you decide the summer camp just isn't working out, we're always happy to find a solution that works for you!

Can I join from anywhere?

Yes! Our coding camps are virtual, so you can join from just about anywhere - all you need is a good internet connection, a webcam, and a pc, mac or linux computer/laptop.


If you have any questions, feel free message us at [email protected]


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