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Climate & Nature Summit

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Climate & Nature Summit

We are running out of time to tackle the climate and ecological emergency. Our pupils and students know this. They want to put sustainability at the heart of our education system. Let’s give them confidence that we see this as a priority too.

Join the collective conversation, get your school onboard and register for the Climate and Nature Summit.

By bringing together students, teachers, senior leaders, businesses, charities, community groups & environmental organisations who are committed to taking action, the Climate and Nature Summit will demonstrate how critical the planetary emergency is to all of us and send a clear message as to the expectations they have for leaders who represent our communities.

The Climate and Nature Summit will be action packed, run over five days, with participants joining online a series of empowering virtual sessions that encourage stimulating climate and nature conversations. The summit is all about positive actions that we can take. There is a schedule for primary and post-primary schools as well as evening CPD for teachers. It runs for one week, Nov 1st to 5th.

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