Changes for the 2018 CAO offers season

There are some changes for the 2018 offers season.CAO

  1. Changes to the Offer and Acceptance Schedule from 2018

Round 1 Offers will be issued on Monday, 20 August at 6am. The new CAO Offers and Acceptances Schedule for Round 1 has been shortened, with applicants having until 5:15pm on Friday, 24 August to accept their offer.

Round 2 Offers will be available online on Wednesday, 29 August at 10am. The acceptance date for Round 2 Offers is Friday, 31 August at 5:15pm.

The changes to the schedule were requested by the higher education institutions in order to allow applicants the opportunity to obtain and accept a Round 2 offer in advance of HEI registration, which will commence in the first week of September for many institutions.

Available Places will be open and accepting applications from the 21 August, however no offers will be processed based on Available Places applications until Round 3.

  1. Round 2 points data will be available on the afternoon of 29 August. 
  1. No postal offer notice in Round 2

Due to the changes to the processing timetable there will be no postal offer notice sent to applicants for Round 2. Applicants can view their Round 2 offer online at from 10am on the 29 August. If they wish to accept their Round 2 offer they must do so online before 5:15pm on the 31 August.

  1. No postal acknowledgement of acceptance

When applicants accept an offer online they will receive an email from CAO. There will be no postal acknowledgement of acceptance from 2018.

  1. Changes to the Statistical Categories used to present application data

As notified previously, the CAO has introduced a new course classification (The International Standard Classification of Education for Fields of Education and Training 2013 (ISCED-F)). All CAO courses have been assigned one ISCED-F code. In addition, in order to reflect previous subject categories and particular groups, the CAO has implemented a new specialist group classification. This specialist group classification is completely separate to the ISCED-F classification and not all courses will be in a specialist group, however, it is possible for a course to be in two specialist groups.

Comparative data is available for 2016 and 2017 under this new classification.

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