Careers in Horticulture

Careers information on the many areas of Irish Horticulture

Careers in Horticulture

Careers information on the many areas of Irish Horticulture

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Training and Education for Fruit Business

Teagasc training

QQI Level 5 students are introduced to fruit production by covering the following crops (soft fruit, canned fruit, bush fruit and top fruit to name but a few). Both indoor and outdoor fruit crops are being covered at this level.

Within the orchard in Kildalton and in the fruit & veg garden in Ashtown which have all the fruits listed above, students’ get hands on experience a half day per week on practical skills like pruning, planting, erecting supports. The theory of growing each crop is covered and the outline of the industry as a whole. Students also visit growers to enhance their knowledge on crops and machinery.

Students get exposed to all elements of crop production, from soil preparation, crop spacing, supports, weed, and pest and disease controls by cultural & in the use of IPM.
QQI Advanced level 6 students specialise in mainly two subject areas:

• Market Gardening where all students get the chance to build on their knowledge from QQI level 5. This is a very extensive module both fruit and vegetables are covered with all growing procedures from soils, ploughing, tilling, planting, and fertilizing. Students are also encouraged to set up a maintenance programme for each crop covered.

• Horticultural Production Mechanisation is delivered to all students that take this module this will broaden their knowledge in machinery use and maintenance. Covering the use of a plough and tilling equipment.

At degree level 7

• Year 1 Horticultural skills, Plant protection, and Horticulture Mechanisation & Safety.
• Year 2 Sustainable food Production.
• Year 3 students can do a project on an area of their choice, so if they have specialised in food production and Mechanisation stream they can develop their knowledge more by completing a research project in this area.



All students undertake placement throughout the programs we offers for example:
QQI Level 5 Students they could have the choice to go to an OPW walled garden in the Phoenix park or Fruit and veg walled garden in National Botanic gardens or they can go on a 4 week placement with a registered grower.

More Detailed information on education is here …