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Introduction to Garden Centres

Garden centres are very traditional businesses. The combination of a wide product range and expert advice is appealing to customers, particularly those looking to undertake a significant project such as garden renovation.

Starting a garden centre will require a mix of skills. Firstly you’ll need strong business skills such as accounting, knowledge of profit and loss, awareness of cash flow and marketing and PR. As well as these general business skills, you’ll need a strong horticultural and industry background/knowledge, including:

  • Knowledge of plants, their characteristics and care requirements
  • Understanding of garden design including what flowers and plants go together
  • DIY knowledge to help customers with project requirements such as decking.
  • Knowledge of water features and components e.g. pumps, filters, chemicals
  • Plant Diseases frequently bring customers in for some expert advice.
  • Treating bug infestations, both on flowers and plants and in buildings
  • How to grow fruits and vegetables successfully, including ‘alternative’ methods such as organic farming

Modern Garden centres are not confined to just selling plants but may have a wide range of business areas.

  • Food
  • Advice
  • Expertise
  • Planning
  • Problem solving
  • Non Plant retail lines