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Introduction to Outdoor Fruit Sector


Total apple production area in 2012 is 615 hectares, which represents a 6% increase from the previous census (579 hectares in 2007). Half (50%) of the total production area is accounted for by the culinary variety Bramley’s Seedling. Culinary varieties in total account for 51% of total production area, followed by cider varieties at 29% and dessert varieties at 20%.

Culinary apple production area increased 18% since the 2007 census, while cider apple production area increased 12%. Production area of dessert apples continues to decline, down 20% from the 2007 census and 40% since the 1997 census. The value of Irish apples harvested in 2011 is €4.88 million. This is a 24% increase in farmgate value since the last census. Culinary apples account for 49% of total production value, dessert apples account for 35% and cider apples 16%.

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