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Introduction to Landscape Sector

Landscape Contractors carry out a variety of landscaping works for private, commercial and public authority clients. These include the design and construction of gardens and public spaces, hard (driveways, walls, stone work, patios, paving, etc) and soft (lawn installation, planting) landscaping,  the maintenance of landscapes and grounds (grass & hedge cutting, weeding, etc), and more specialist services such as tree planting and care, water features, outdoor lighting.

The branch of horticulture which deals with the art and knowledge of development and plantation  of ornamental plants by arranging them in such manner with the existing plants and structures to beautify a place maintain natural scenery, maybe called landscape horticulture.

On the other hand, landscaping may be defined as the use of plants outdoors to fulfil aesthetic and functional purposes. The term is identified with the outdoors, even though plants can be used to accomplish similar objectives indoors.

Landscaping is an activity in which beauty as well as function, may be determined by the customer.

To one person, landscaping may mean a couple of fruit trees or just plants on the property. To another customer, plants in the landscape must not only be careful selected but also strategically arranged. A beautiful home or an institution with well  landscaped ground not only increase the value of the property but also increase the usefulness of the property.

The area of amenity horticulture is a vast area, it includes many facets of horticulture from design, fruit and vegetable production, plant identification, plant propagation, soil science and growing media, these all are essential for working in Amenity horticulture.

This market has two elements, domestic services and commercial services. It is estimated that the domestic services market will be worth a total of €136m in the year ending December 2018, which would represent an increase of almost 10% on the estimated value of €124m for 2016. There are four main service type categories in this market and their estimated values for 2018 are Garden Design €17m, Garden Maintenance €52m, Garden Makeover €38 and Tree Surgeon €30m. The commercial landscaping services market had attained a recorded level of about €800m before the recession. It is now estimated to have recovered to about €500m and is growing annually.

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Teagasc training at the Botanic gardens

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Training in Kildalton

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The Level 5 course delivered at the Botanic gardens offers a wonderful foundation to students embarking on a career in horticulture. Our students spend one to two days a week working in both private and public gardens/parks; here they have a great opportunity to work alongside craft gardeners who teach our students essential skills required to become a manger or gardener in the relevant areas of choice. Excellent experience working with some of the best gardeners in the country.

Garden and parks supervision is a component of a the Level 6 Advanced Certificate in Horticulture(Landscaping), all elements learnt in Level 5  such as Plant ID and Use, Biodiversity and the natural environment, Plant propagation, Soil science and growing media, Plant Protection, Landscape construction and maintenance, Garden design will feed directly into this module. During the year at the college the students will be able to learn what is involved in the management of a park or garden through visits to private and public estates and meeting the managers.


Within all our courses students undertake placements, many students working in the parks and gardens have gained valuable experience working alongside passionate gardeners who have shared generously there knowledge all  the day to day workings of their profession.