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Examples of the Forestry Sector  gives an introduction to Ireland’s trees, forests and woodlands.  Covering all aspects of forestry  it gives the reader an easy to understand overview of the Irish forestry sector, while at the same time, providing access to more detailed information on topics such as trees species, growing forests, wood processing and the public goods and services that our forests provide.

FII brings together companies from across the forestry and timber supply chain, from forest owners and forestry companies, to timber processors, wood product manufacturers, and renewable energy producers. With a combined turnover of over €800 million, the industry is a major player in the rural and national economies. Our companies take pride in the high-quality employment we provide and the sustainable products we deliver.

The Irish Timber Growers Association (ITGA) was formed in 1977 to support the development and expansion of private sector forestry in Ireland and to represent and inform woodland owners.  The mandate of the Association is to promote forestry and sustainable forest management practices to ensure that private forest plantations achieve their maximum potential.

Land cover plays a key role in providing living space, food, water, energy and recreational opportunities.

In terms of land use there has been a significant net removal of carbon, in recent years, primarily due to an increase in forest area.

The Tree Council of Ireland is a non-governmental voluntary organisation that was set up in 1985 as an umbrella body for organisations involved in planting, management and conservation of trees.  Our mission statement is to foster a tree culture in Ireland through action and awareness.

None So Hardy [Forestry] Ltd is a privately owned Irish company specialising in the growing and supplying of first class forestry plants to the Irish forestry market. Our nurseries are based on 530 acres of land situated at Donishall and Ballymurn in Co. Wexford. Sales, administration and distribution for both nurseries is from the company base in Shillelagh, Co. Wicklow.