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Examples of the Christmas Tree Sector

Irish Christmas Tree 

Growers Association

Ireland’s maritime climate provides idea conditions for the growing of top quality Christmas trees.  The Irish Christmas Tree Growers represents those growers who are committed to producing trees to the highest standards and in an environmentally sustainable and professional manner.

Our plantation, set up in 2003 is a family owned business. Every year we plant thousands of non shed trees mainly of Noble fir and Nordmann fir where it can take up to 12 years to achieve just 6 ft. We are also involved in Forestry with over 25 years of experience.  As a grower in Ireland our team will try to maximize in producing a high quality crop. This involves hard work all year round from winter pruning, planting to harvesting. From winter to summer months our team will take care of pruning, shearing, bud picking and fertilizer to meet our clients needs.

We have been growing Christmas trees in Kerry for the past 25 years and pride ourselves on quality.  All our trees are non-shedding. Most of our current customers have been with us since we started out and much new business is referrals.  This has given us a good understanding of the demands of both the wholesale and retail markets. Out goal is to build up a long term relationship with our customers and provide a consistent and quality service.