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 Based in Galway, we provide professional garden design and landscape architecture services in Dublin and throughout Ireland. View our broad range of garden and landscape design services which can be tailored to suit our clients individual needs. Our aim is to achieve Design Excellence which exceeds client requirements and stands the test of time.

Tim’s garden portfolio is diverse reflecting the creative input that he puts into every project, nonetheless, he feels his design style can be summarised as where “formal meets natural,” as he has a love of both classical design and wild landscapes; he loves to draw inspiration from each genre to complement the architecture of your home.

Damien Keane is one of Ireland’s leading garden and landscape designers.  His bespoke design and build concepts allow for the seamless fusion of structure and exquisite planting in the timeless spaces he creates.

Gorse Lodge Garden Ornaments is an up-and-coming family owned manufacturer and supplier of high-end concrete garden statues and ornaments. We have an elegant range that is appreciated for its flawless finish, intricate moulding and magnificent designs.